History page delay

  • Fred Cornish

    Fred Cornish - 2008-11-21

    On v.1.01, xp pro sp-3 the installation on my new PC,  running fine otherwise, takes 10 mins or more to open the History page (with less than 50 messages.  Any clues?

    - Fred

    • Brian Smith

      Brian Smith - 2008-11-21

      Strange things can happen if POPFile's database gets corrupted. I suggest you check the database using the following Start Menu shortcut created by the installer:

      Start -- All Programs -- POPFile -- Support -- Check database status

      (You will need to shut down POPFile before you try this shortcut).

      By default the Windows version of POPFile will not update the UI while incoming mail is being processed. However since you have less than 50 messages in the history it seems that this is not a likely cause of the delay.

      We are about to release POPFile 1.1.0 which has lots of improvements in it. You can find out more about this on our home page at http://getpopfile.org/

      We also have some new forums at http://getpopfile.org/discussion


    • Fred Cornish

      Fred Cornish - 2008-11-22

      Thanks Brian.

      Several reboots later, the History page is now appearing promptly again.  (It had been fine for about 2 weeks before the problem).  No changes made that I'm aware of.  The db status check found no problems.

      Thanks for the new forum link.  It's quite "perky" compared with the SourceForge forum - and much more current :).  I must stay in touch more often.

      Will watch for the 1.1.0 version final.

      - Fred


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