I'm using PopFile v 1.0.0 on a PC under Windows XP Pro, which is more or less dedicated to processing e-mails of 4 or 5 mail accounts.
PF is set up to keep 4 days of history, and e-mails are polled every two minutes.

PF proudly processes about 1500 e-mails daily, and all works like a charm. Except for one thing: I have to restart PF after each couple of days, because its memory usage keeps growing and growing. From 22MB when it's launched, it reaches more than 200MB after three days.
In parallel, a whole bunch of very small (empty?) files is created in "C:\Documents and Settings\<account name>\Local Settings\Temp". After three days, there are more than 5000 files of this kind here. I can't see what they contain, because they are apparently kept open by PF.
These files are named "sqlite_" followed by a random 15 letter code.

When I quit PF, they are all erased from "Temp", and when PF is restarted, the memory usage returns to 22 MB. I'm then easy for a new couple of days.

This problem is not new to v1.0.0, I already experienced it with orevious versions.

IMO, the two problems, memory consumption and growing file list, are linked together, and eack memory leak matches an open file in "Temp". According to the file names, this seems to be related to temporary files of the sqlite database, but I have no clue.

Does anybody else experience the same problem, or knows where it can come from?

Any comment, advice, suggestion of test, or complete solution would be highly appreciated. ;-)

Thank you,