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Popeye 4.55 released

New features (feature request number in parentheses):
- Parry series (2867301 - description in the PDF file attached to the feature request).
- Parry series where parry moves are helping even if play after the series is not help play (e.g. phser-s#6: parry series self mate in 6 - parry moves are help moves)
- Intelligent mode for the following Parry series stipulations (with significant speedup in positions with few pieces, but potential loss of speed in pser-h# and pser-h= with crowded positions): pser-h#, pser-h=... read more

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2010-01-13

Popeye 4.53 released

New features (feature request number in parentheses)
- fairy pieces are accepted in a=>b (2799219)
- last capture (pending rebirth) can be indicated for Circe Parrain
- support for mutually exclusive castlings (2768589)
- support for Cage Circe, Cage Immune Chess and
Strict Cage Circe (= Cage Circe + Cage Immune Chess)
- proof games with Cavalier majeur and Leofamily (2813613)

Plus many fixes

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2009-12-07

Popeye 4.51 released

Popeye 4.51 is finally out!
Many more stipulations, many bug fixes and a bunch of new conditions and pieces.

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2009-05-19

Popeye 4.47 released

First Popeye release with a 64bit Windows executable - considerable speed improvement!
New fairy condition: Losing chess (Schlagschach, Qui perd gagne)

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2008-06-09

Amended Changes of release 4.41

One change has been added to the Changes of release 4.41. It was forgotten when 4.41 was released:

- Imitator+Maximummer: castling moves may not have been generated (cf. issue 1870463)

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2008-04-12

Popeye 4.45 released

This release is mainly targeted at problemists composing ser-a=>b problems

Bug fixes
- some ser-a=>b solutions were not found in problems without black king

- radical speedup when solving ser-a=>b problems

- amended documention for additions that were made for release 4.43

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2008-04-05

Popeye 4.43 released

Today (March 22 2008) is the 50th birthday of "Mister Popeye" Norbert Geissler; this release is therefore dedicated to him.

Bug fixes
- elimination of spurious refutations
- Popeye didn't entirely clean up after itself before "attacking" next problem in input [file]
- Koeko assumed normal Circe rebirth square in Circe Parrain
- UltraSchachZwang =1: solution not found
- Grid chess: some mating moves were missed
- Ultra-maxiummer: some mating moves were missed
- little bug with input of MaximumTotal in Sentinelles
- little bug with input of stipulation... read more

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2008-03-22

Popeye 4.41 for Mac OS X / Intel (experimental)

popeye-4.41-macosx-i386.zip contains Popeye 4.41 for Mac OS X / Intel.

This is an experimental package; Popeye 4.41 has been seen running on 1 Mac so far ...

Feedback is very welcome; please use our trackers: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=200122

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2008-02-02

Popeye 4.41 released

Bug fixes
- intelligent mode missed some ser-h= solutions
- Monochrome Chess problems were incorrectly solved
- solutions may have been missed in Circe Parrain proof games

New conditions
- Vaulting Kings
- Lortap/Elliuortap
- Protean Chess
- Geneva Chess
- Grid Chess: generalised grids

New kinds of pieces
- Radial Knight
- Reverse Pawn

New piece attribute
- Protean piece... read more

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2008-01-20

Popeye now hosted by SourceForge.net!

Download the current (or an older) release and browser the source code in the CVS repository.

Posted by Thomas Maeder 2007-07-04