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Ping Pong Evolution / Blog: Recent posts

Woo, 1.3.1!

Yay, finally I got the inspiration I needed. 1.3.1 will come out today!
- Bot is now more complicated (it follows both balls)
- Up corners now show if you (or bot) have power-ups.
- Ball-resize-powerup has limits now ^^

Posted by Anonymous 2012-07-07

So.. Sleepy..

Yah, so I released 1.1 and started working on multiball-powerup and bigger/smaller ball -powerup. Both of them are done, the bigger/smaller does each of those, in random order. Multiball works too, tough it's limited to only max. of 2 balls on the screen at same time. Oh that sounded awkward. 1.2 coming tomorrow. It's 1:40 am here soo.. I'll be off ta sleep! -Jeason

Posted by Anonymous 2012-07-03

Oh gawd, macs -.-

Soo, it seems like macs have a blank launcher or something. Well, I'll be solving that next, not the second power-up ;)

Posted by Anonymous 2012-07-03