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Polarscope 0.4.2

New features added:
- VAS graph plot in altitude window
- Average speed plot
- New statistics.

A few bugs are also fixed (Statistic update)

Posted by Fulvio Brosio 2007-11-24

Polarscope 0.4.1

This release of polarscope fix some bugs (e.g. the slope calculation in altitude diagram window) and add a window to display cadence data.

A debian package has been created too.

Posted by Fulvio Brosio 2006-07-28

Released polarscope-0.4.0

Release 0.4.0 of Polarscope add support for .hrm files, and for S610 and S625X watches.
Added V.A.M. calculation for each ascent in workout.

Posted by Fulvio Brosio 2006-05-18

Polarscope version 0.3.1 released.

This release fix some bugs and add some features, as
resizeable diagram window.
Now Polarscope project has its home page (http://polarscope.sourceforge.net)

Posted by Fulvio Brosio 2006-04-15