PokerTH 0.8 released!

Today on 2010-09-25 we released PokerTH-0.8.
This release contains several enhancements and bugfixes:
- User profile links on the game table to the online ranking system
- Improved slider behaviour on the game table
- Updated language files (adding Lituania translation)
- Lobby: sort by country or filter idle players
- Lobby: countdown when internet game starts automatically
- Store all places for every ranking game in the database (server)
- Encrypt own cards which are sent at the beginning of the hand - only applicable to registered users
- AFK players are now kicked from ranking games after some timeouts if they do not enable autocheck/fold.
- Bad game names can now be blocked (server)
- Allow to show own cards if human player is the last not folded player (also without showdown)
- Disallow any kind of kicking in ranking games
- Caseinsensitive sorting and string search function for lobby nick list
- Store all players of each game in the database (Server)
- Store date/time when the game ends (Server)
- New login/registration system: Players can register their nicks for internet games via an online registration system. It is still possible to play as guest, but certain restrictions apply.
- Online player ranking: Registered players can join "ranking games" toimprove their rank.
- The country flag of players is optionally displayed in the lobby (based on voluntary registration information).
- Custom game names are now possible.
- Internet or LAN games can be automatically started when the maximum number of players is reached.
- Invite-only game mode for internet games: In order to invite a player to an invite-only game, right click on the player's nick in the lobby.
- Display "Player xyz plays in game xyz" in the context menu for a nick in the lobby.
- Ignore list for chat messages and game invitations from "unfriendly" players. Right click on a player's nick in the lobby to place the player on the ignore list.
- Only players who really have to show cards actually show them after postriver. Everyone else who did not fold is now able to show the cards by choice.
- New chat system with admin bot (no longer IRC).
- Completely new network protocol, including a secure authentication mechanism
- Bugfix: 0000001: Full bet rule is not implemented - BUGFIX: 0000016: Join network game without giving address = crash
- Bugfix: 0000018: Removing avatar can become a bit complicated
- Bugfix: 0000020: Ability to start a vote not restored when leaving a game

Posted by Felix Hammer 2010-09-25

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