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Stock Quote Download Function Not Available

Both Yahoo and Google have dropped their web-based API to download stock quotes.

So the class and methods provided in this package to get stock quotes no longer work.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2017-06-02

Update to PAFSpreadSheet function and other things

Added a new paramter to the PAFSpreadSheet main call. -saveDirectory will save the CSV files
in directory sprecified.

Other code improvements and bug fixes

Posted by Joe McVerry 2017-05-15

Point and Figure Update

The PAF project has been updated. This release uses a process to define the High/Low columns using specifications by Jeremy du Plessis.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2012-09-28

Point and Figure Update

Point and Figure now shows volume data for each PAF column.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2012-04-16

Point and Figure Update

The package has been updated to improve the command line functionality of the PAFSpreadsheet utility.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2012-02-25

Point and Figure Update

PAF - Point and Figure for Stock Analysis has been updated to use the correct URL for Yahoo quote download.

Wikipedia definition - Point and figure is a charting technique used in technical analysis, used to attempt to predict financial market prices. Point and figure charting is unique in that it does not plot price against time as all other techniques do. Instead it plots price against changes in direction by plotting a column of Xs as the price rises and a column of Os as the price falls.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2012-01-04

Point and Figure Charting Update

The Point and Figure Charting package has been updated to include command scripts to use the spreadsheet class. There are two scripts: one for windows and the other of *nix. The spreadsheet class prompts the user from the command line for a symbol and then builds the point and figure Excel spread sheet for that symbol. The process repeats until the user enters "quit."

From StockCharts.com - "Point & Figure charts consist of columns of X's and O's that represent filtered price movements over time. Their distinctive look may be alien at first to people who are more familiar with traditional price bar charts but once people learn the basics of P&F charts they usually become hooked."

Posted by Joe McVerry 2011-02-21

Update To Point and Figure Stock Charting

P&F has been updated to include 4 additional analysis methods. Added were SpreadTripleTop, SpreadTripleBottom, HighPole and LowPoleReversal

Posted by Joe McVerry 2010-07-15

Point and Figure Stock Timing

New release -
added Point and Figure recommendations to Excel spreadsheet output.
improved text formatting to spreadsheet.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2010-05-15

Point and Figure Stock Timing

Now generates Excel XSL files.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2010-04-23

Point and Figure Stock Timing

Enhanced the CSV output to make spreadsheets easier to read.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2010-03-06

Point and Figure Stock Timing

An updated version of Point and Figure has been posted to SourceForge.

The update includes new stock timing methods used with point and figure charts. These indicators include Ascending Triple Top Breakout, Descending Triple Bottom Breakdown, Bullish Catapult Breakout, Bearish Catapult Breakdown, Bullish Signal Reversed, Bearish Signal Reversed, Bullish Triangle Breakout, Bearish Triangle Breakdown, Long Tail Down Reversal, Bull Trap, and Bear Trap. Also added to the update are matching JUnit tests for each indicator.... read more

Posted by Joe McVerry 2010-02-04