2006/8/8, Riadh Elloumi <riadh@melix.net>:
Hi Yaiza,

I agree with you that the filters are "hard coded" in the monitor and
need to be independently instanciated and configured. However, this is
very general, and I need some more details about how you are changing
the Monitor. Could you send me a patch (a diff from original monitor
source), a little description of the new structure of the repository and
a description of the XML file? I think that I can help you in designing
the new Monitor.

Best regards,


Hi, Riadh,

Thank you for your help and interest :)

I'll try to explain you our idea:

At this moment, whether a page is filtered or not is a decision
taken by just one filter: the langid decides the language of the
page, and the filter for that language is the only one deciding
if the page must be filtered or not.

The situation now is the following: we have developed two different
filters for Spanish and two others for German (porn and gambling),
so the decision is more complicated, because a Spanish page could
pass the porn filter but not the gambling one (but should be
filtered anyway).

Also, you have to keep in mind that now it will be easy to add new
filters (we are also developing a GUI for adding them and
configuring other aspects of POESIA; I will show you an alpha
version soon), so the number of them can change easily.

So, which things would have to be changed?

First, it would be appropiated to separate the configuration of the
filters from the configuration of the monitor. That is, the
monitor_config.xml file should be separated into two, one file for
the monitor and other one for the filters.

So, when the monitor starts and instantiates all the filters, the
list of them should be read instead of coded. We could mantain
the structure of the "second part" of the monitor_config.xml file
for managing the instantiation of the filters.

Another new feature is the possibility of adding a black list and a
white one. That is, a list of URLs that would be filtered (or
allowed) directly without any analysis. The monitor would have to
read these lists at the beginning of POESIA execution, and would
search the asked URL on them before calling the langid (because
if the URL is in one of the lists it wouldn't be necessary).

That is the idea. We are trying to change the monitor as little as
possible (if it works, don't mend it). We will send to
you a diff file as soon as we have something working, but if you
have any suggestion now it would be very appreciated.

Bests regards,


Yaiza Temprado a écrit :
> Hello all,
> As you know, we are working in a new kind of filter for Poesia,
> which is language and context independent. As now the user will be
> able to create as many filters as he/she want, it is necessary for
> us to change the monitor so that it reads all the available filters
> from a directory, instead of being chosen directly in the code.
> What we want to do is to separate the filters instances from the
> source, using xml files for it.
> Do you agreed with this change in the monitor to be uploaded to
> the cvs repository, or you prefer us to
> keep the change in a new branch (as it is a structural important
> change) and be merged later?
> Best regards,
> Yaiza.
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