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Read Me


What POE Is

POE is an application kernel that uses event driven state machines as
threads.  It includes a high-level I/O library that hides most of the
usual client/server tediosity.  It has been developed and used in
mission-critical systems since August 1998.

Documentation Roadmap

The POE manpage's SEE ALSO section lists the topics covered in each
manpage.  It's a good starting place.

The CHANGES file lists all the changes in the past year.  A more
complete version is available at <>.
This file highlights changes that may break existing programs.

Distribution Details

This distribution comes with several sample and tutorial programs in
its samples/ directory.  These programs are NOT installed because they
have limited use and take up a lot of space.

The lib/ directory includes a few useful utilities, including a basic
test coverage module, harness, and report.  The test coverage summary
at the end of this file was generated by that system.  These utilities
aren't installed either.

The test programs, in t/, may also be interesting examples, although
they're more geared towards exercising POE.  The tests also aren't
installed, in case you were wondering.

All in all, the actual installed bits of POE are probably around a
third of the total distribution, and about a quarter of B<that> is
documentation.  The generally usable bits of POE are pretty small.

Basic Installation

POE may be installed through the CPAN shell in the usual CPAN shell
manner.  It typically is:

  perl -MCPAN -e 'install POE'

It involves a little more work if you have an older CPAN shell:

  perl -MCPAN -e shell
  install POE

To install on a Win32 machine using ActiveState's PPM:

  ppm install
Getting The Latest Version

POE can also be installed manually, although Win32 users are
recommended to use the PPM instead.  Tarballs are available from at
least three sources:

The most recent stable release can be found at your favorite CPAN
mirror.  If you don't have a favorite CPAN mirror, there's always:

The most recent development snapshot is available from two locations:

The SourceForge project includes a CVS repository browser, so you can
look around to see what's new.  It also has facilities for people to
submit bug reports, patches, and support requests.

Building The Latest Version

Downloading and unpacking the distribution are left as an exercise for
the reader.  See the previous section for tarball locations.

System requirements and copatibility issues are covered in the main
POE manpage.  You can preview them before building POE.

  perldoc ./

Please read the CHANGES file if you already have programs which use
POE.  It contains advance notice of changes which may break existing
code.  POE's change history is at <>,
and a copy is provided in the distribution.

  less ./CHANGES

If everything looks good, build POE:

  perl Makefile.PL

... then test the distribution.  The test suite includes a dependency
report.  Please read it carefully if POE won't build.

  make test

Now you're ready to install POE, but first you may want to look at its
samples.  Some of the samples may be stale: they might not work with
the most recent distribution, but everything is okay as long as "make
test" has passed.

All the programs in the samples subdirectory are written to run from
the distribution directory without POE being installed yet.

  cd ./samples
  ls -l

  [try some]

  cd ..

Finally you can install it:

  make install

Test Results

POE's test results have moved onto the 'web.  You can find them at

If you have tested POE on a configuration that's not listed there,
please consider adding your results to the site.  Thanks!

Test Coverage

POE's test coverage report has also moved onto the 'web.  It's at


Thanks for reading!

-- Rocco Caputo / / /

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