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Introducing the Pod Race

Podcasters and Podracer users, now is your chance to get your podcasts into Podracer's sample subscription file. Visit the Podracer homepage at
for details on how it works and how to enter. If there is enough of a response to this pod race, I plan to hold pod races prior to release of each new version.

Posted by Lorenzo Taylor 2006-03-03

Podracer 1.4 is here

This is mostly a bugfix release with a couple of minor feature enhancements.

Podracer will no longer hang on a stalled download. It also follows redirections when retrieving feeds and enclosures. All URLs are now retrieved from a feed that has no line breaks. The subscriptions file now accepts and ignores blank lines and anything that doesn't start with a URL so that the initial `#' is no longer needed to specify a comment. There is also a new option to display the version number. See the changelog for other bugfixes in this release.

Posted by Lorenzo Taylor 2006-02-20

Podracer 1.3 now available

Podracer version 1.3 is now available for download. Notable features include:
* Most if not all URL bugs fixed
* Signals such as SIGINT and SIGTERM are now caught and abort Podracer and
remove temporary files
* a TODO file is now included to briefly describe the next major changes
* Podracer no longer specifically requires gawk. Any awk implementation is

And yes, the LUGRadio bug has been fixed and tested successfully.... read more

Posted by Lorenzo Taylor 2005-09-02

Debian finds Podracer

Podracer has now made it into Debian unstable
<http://packages.debian.org/unstable/sound/podracer>. A big thanks goes out to
Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> for helping Podracer become one of the first
podcast aggregators to become part of a major Linux distribution.

Also, some bugfixes and upgrades are on the way. Keep a watch on the Podracer
homepage, this news feed and Debian apt over the next week for these fixes.... read more

Posted by Lorenzo Taylor 2005-08-30

Podracer 1.2.1 released!

This is a bug fix release. The installer now detects where man pages should be copied and shows error messages that cause it to fail.

As always you can visit http://podracer.sourceforge.net to get information and the latest version of Podracer.

Posted by Lorenzo Taylor 2005-06-17

Podracer 1.2 now available

Podracer 1.2 is now available for download.

Notable changes:

* All download torrent files are saved for future use
* Torrents are seeded all at once with the ability to limit upload bandwidth
* Each feed subscription may now have its own download directory specified

You can find complete information on Podracer at http://podracer.sourceforge.net

Posted by Lorenzo Taylor 2005-06-16