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PoDoFo Release Planned

The last stable version of PoDoFo was released almost two years ago. Lately, there were also questions on the mailing list, when the next release can be expected.

Furthermore, countless patches have been integrated over the last two years! So, the quality of the current SVN trunk is much better than the latest release.

Now, we agreed to plan a new release of PoDoFo. We plan to introduce a code freeze starting on May 18th and package a new release of PoDoFo with version 0.9.4 on June 1rst 2016.

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2016-04-18

PoDoFo 0.6.0 Released

After almost a year of development, the PoDoFo-team is
proud to announce a new release. PoDoFo 0.6.0 can be
downloaded as of now. PoDoFo has been tested on several
Linux and Windows systems.

Besides countless bug fixes, performance improvements and
API clean ups, we were able to add several new features.
An incomplete list of the most important additions is:

* podofoimpose - a PDF imposition tool was added
* Encryption support was added (RC4 and AES)
* Initial unicode font support was added using CID fonts
* Content stream parsing support was added
* PdfPainter has now support for drawing tables using PdfTable
* TIFF images can now be embedded directly into a PDF
* Bold or italic fonts can be selected... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2008-07-14

PoDoFo 0.5 released

A new development release of PoDoFo is available for download.
Countless bugs were fixed compared to the last release and
many new features have been added.
An incomplete list of important changes:

- Support for embedded files added
- Support for interactive forms (creation and filling) added
- Support for ExtGStates when drawing added
- Support for named destinations added
- Greatly improved and faster PdfFilter interface
- PdfStreamedDocument was added (PDF document that is streamed
out directly to disk while being created)
- Switched completely to CMake as build system
- Fixed XRef streams... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2007-07-02

PoDoFoBrowser and PoDoFo tools Win32 binaries available

PoDoFoBrowser and several tool included in PoDoFo (namely podofomerge, podofoimgextract, podofopdfinfo and podofotxt2pdf) are available as prebuilt binaries for MS Windows operating systems. Please note that this is still alpha quality software in development!

PoDoFoBrowser is a Qt application for browsing the objects in a PDF file and modifying their keys easily. It is very useful if you want to look on the internal structure of PDF files. ... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2007-05-27

PoDoFo 0.4 released

The PoDoFo team is proud to announce the 4th release of the free PDF parsing
and creation library.

PoDoFo 0.4.0 has been ported to Mac OS X in addition to the current Linux and
Windows versions.
Among the many new features is the support for generating web optimized (so
called linearized) PDF files from any PDF documnet surely the most interesting
addition. XRef tables can be written as XRef streams now, which does result in
smaller files. Outline support has been completed in this release. Garbage
collection of unused objects in the PDF file is now possible.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-10-15

PoDoFo 0.3.0 released

The PoDoFo team is proud to announce the third release of the free and portable PDF library for C++. PoDoFo 0.3 is available for download as source tarball which can be compiled on Unix and Windows systems.

The core API was refactored in most areas to simplify application development using PoDoFo. Many bugs could be fixed and several PDF features were added. To many things were changed to list all of them here. Major changes include:... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-08-22

PoDoFo 0.2 released

PoDoFo 0.2 is available for download. The second release of the free PDF library brings many improvements. This is also the first release that comes along with PoDoFoBrowser. A graphical browser and editor for the object structure of PDF files. Screenshots and downloads can be found on our webpage.
New feautres of PoDoFo include:

- PoDoFo was ported to VC++ on MS Windows
- The documentation was improved and is now almost complete
- The underline color of text elements was fixed
- The PdfParser works now with updated PDF files
- Objects, streams and dictionaries are now loaded on demand from the PDF file, which improves the parsing speed greatly
- A PdfReference class was introduced and PdfVariant was refactored
- PdfFilter's are cached now and work with extra DecodeParms dictionaries
- The ImageExtractor tool was improved
- Many more fixes...... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-06-24

PoDoFo 0.1 released

The first public release of PoDoFo is available for download[1]. PoDoFo is a C++ library which can create PDF files from scratch and can also parse and modify existing PDF documents. PoDoFo is licensed under the terms of the LGPL.

This release is fully documented. Please have a look at the online API documentation[2]. A example application has been created too[3]. Feel free to take a look at the source online to see how easy it is to create a PDF file using PoDoFo.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-06-11

PoDoFo available in Subversion

The PoDoFo source code is now available for download and first testing in the Sourceforge svn repository. Along with the PoDoFo library, PoDoFoBrowser was commited to the repository. PoDoFoBrowser is a Qt based application to browse and edit the object structure of a PDF file directly using PoDoFo. Some screenshots are already online.

If you want to test PoDoFo please take a look at the svn download instructions. In case of problems, please ask at our mailinglist.... read more

Posted by Dominik Seichter 2006-06-07

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