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I have some problem to download files from this podcast :

$ podget

Session file not found.  Creating.
cp: omission du répertoire « /home/pierre/POD/ »

Closing session and removing lock file.

The error message is in French but it just said that cp is called without the -R option and, then, cannot copy folder.

I don't have any problem with other feeds and I can download files from this one with another podcast retriver (gpodder).


  • Dave Vehrs

    Dave Vehrs - 2014-04-11
    • assigned_to: Dave Vehrs
  • Dave Vehrs

    Dave Vehrs - 2014-04-11

    OK, that is an interesting problem. From what I can see the "cp" command is used exactly once in the latest version of the podget script to copy the Playlist file for sorting. Now I may be missing something compared to the version you are running, so if you could submit the version you are using that would help find the problem.

    The other potential issue I see is that it seems rather strange for it to go from the Session File creation to failing on the 'cp' command without having downloaded any feeds or podcasts. Can you submit the contents of your serverlist file so we can see what should have been processed?

    Third way to get more information is to run podget with increasing verbosity. Start with "podget -vv" and go up to "podget -vvvv". Each step will increase the quantity of messages that it outputs and will help us localize the problem. You can either add just the significant parts to a message here or add an attachment of all the output if that's easier (example: "podget -vvv > podget.output3".



  • sidell

    sidell - 2014-04-11

    Thanks for you detailed answer (and sorry for the lack of informations in my first post).

    1. I'm running podget from the Debian unstable repositories. It means podget version (Debian version) 0.6.17-1. /usr/bin/podget indicates: "Last Modified: 28 Mar 2014". I will attached the all file below.

    2. My serverlist file contains only the problematic rss feed. I will attached the file anyway.

    3. podget -vvvv seems indeed to add valuable informations. It says (at the very end -- I will attached the all output):

    Server/Feed URL --> #http://thelinuxlink.net/tllts/tllts.rss
    Discarding line (comment or blank line).

    UTF-16 Loop running.
    No config file found, exiting loop.
    cp: omission du répertoire « /home/pierre/POD/ »

    Closing session and removing lock file.

    So the "No config file found" is new. However, I do have a .podget/podgerc file and a .podget/serverlist file.

    Another interesting fact is that I've got the error message about cp even when I force the output of podget -vvvv to be printed into a file:

    $ podget -vvvv > podget_vvvv
    cp: omission du répertoire « /home/pierre/POD/ »

    It makes no sense...

    Do you have the same issue with this particular rss feed from another podget installation?

    Last edit: sidell 2014-04-11
  • Dave Vehrs

    Dave Vehrs - 2014-04-19

    OK, sorry for the delay replying. I've been a little busy.

    So I copied the line from your serverlist for Radio France to mine and then ran podget -vvvv. It proceeded to download a bunch of mp3 files so the feed appears to be working today. I do find it interesting that the Radio France feed is not listed in your podget_vvvv file. It has the URL for the Linux Link but then it simply goes to the UTF-16 loop and because no configuration for it was found, it automatically exits the loop. Why cp fails after that, I have no idea.

    The "cp" command is used exactly once in the script. And that is when the playlist is sorted. But to do so, the script is checking:

    1. that a playlist name is configured
    2. that a file of that name exists in your POD directory.

    However, if it were getting past the first check and then the directories existence was enough to pass that test. Then it might try to copy {directory}/{name} but if name is blank then it could produce this error.

    I'll need to find a way to create this issue and verify that the checks happen as I think they should. Something is obviously wrong but I'm not sure what yet.....Wish me luck!


  • sidell

    sidell - 2014-04-19

    An interesting fact is that I don't have the "cp" error when I set no_playlist to 0 (but podget doesn't download my feed anyway). So I believe this bus is not related to playlist or cp command.

    And podget is still unable to download my Radio France feed with the default untouched settings. (I tried to delete configuration and podcasts files and leave podget recreated them.)

    I wonder why you can download this feed and me not. I'm running podget 0.6.17-1 on Debian sid. Is you would like me to try another version, just tell me.

    Last edit: sidell 2014-04-19
  • sidell

    sidell - 2014-05-11


    I tried again today, removing everything and reinstalling podget.

    Surprisingly, it worked...

    I now can download files from this particular podcast. I do not know what was the cause of the problem. Like I'm using debian unstable, perhaps some bugs in packages podget uses like wget or grep ??

    So, in my opinion, you can close this bug report.

  • Dave Vehrs

    Dave Vehrs - 2015-11-08

    Sorry for the delay closing this report but I initially kept it open to see if anyone else reported any issues but no one has. So after a suitably long delay, I'm going to close this one.

    Thanks for the report!


  • Dave Vehrs

    Dave Vehrs - 2015-11-08
    • status: open --> closed

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