• Iwasa Kazmi

    Iwasa Kazmi - 2013-03-03

    I think that the main repository for this project should only be one,
    but there is no reason to use CVS.
    Ok, I'll move the source repository to GitHub.
    Project will still be hosted by sourceforge.

  • Iwasa Kazmi

    Iwasa Kazmi - 2013-03-03

    Source code repository for this project has been moved to GitHub.


  • Chris Desjardins

    I am just seeing this now, I started making some changes to the poderosa code because a lot of things didn't really work well for me. My code has been sitting at, you can merge it if you like.

    Sadly I got sick of not having a linux version of poderosa, and many features that I would find useful are missing, as well as very buggy RS232 support. I finally gave up and just wrote my own terminal emulator.

    I have been using terminal emulators forever, starting with Telix, down to poderosa, and now I just use ComBomb because it is simple, it does what I want, and it works.

    Chris D.


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