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urxvt 1015/SGR 1006 style mouse reporting

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-05


    Now Poderosa supports UTF8 style extended mouse tracking protocol,
    but it does not works if the locale encoding isn't UTF-8, it won't report positions past 50x95.
    So I write a patch(, it supports more better extended mouse tracking
    modes called as urxvt / SGR style.

    The detail of them are explained in xterm's manual:

    Hope you find this useful :)

  • Iwasa Kazmi

    Iwasa Kazmi - 2012-06-06

    Thank you.

    I will check your patch this weekend.

  • Egmont Koblinger

    This patch looks really useful. These protocol extension are getting widely used by applications, e.g. vim, emacs, midnight commander etc…

    A minor typo in the patch:
      case "1015": // Enable UTF8 Extended Mouse Mode
    should be
      case "1015": // Enable Urxvt Extended Mouse Mode
    (this extension has nothing to do with UTF-8)


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