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Podcast Generator / News: Recent posts

Podcast Generator 3 expected in early 2018

A brand-new and more modern version of Podcast Generator is expected in early 2018. Read more:
Stay tuned :)

Posted by Alberto Betella 2017-12-01

Podcast Generator 2.6 released

Podcast Generator 2.6 is out!

- Fixed a potential security issue with files deletion (thanks to Kacper Szurek);
- Fixed a bug concerning the upload of files which have the same name but different extensions;
- Added 2 new themes ("flatly" and "bootstrap3");
- Added 16 new localizations (see documentation on how to translate PG into new languages)
- Other minor fixes.... read more

Posted by Alberto Betella 2016-02-28

On the podcast artwork for single episodes in iTunes and iOS

Since the introduction of episodes embedded images in Podcast Generator, one of the most recurring questions has been why iTunes and the iOS Podcast app don't show the artwork associated to single episodes yet keep displaying the main podcast artwork/cover art.

The short answer to this question is that, at the moment we write, the iOS podcast app and iTunes do NOT seem to implement the <itunes:image> tag (artwork) for single episodes, and they keep showing the main podcast artwork (see also discussion here).... read more

Posted by Alberto Betella 2015-06-03

Podcast Generator 2.5 released

- Improvements in the feed interoperability
- Improvements in the feed visualization in the Podcast app for iOS
- Minor bug fixes

- Installation:
- Upgrade:

The source code of Podcast Generator is now officially on GitHub:
New forks&pulls and contributions to the project will be more than welcome :)

Posted by Alberto Betella 2015-04-21 Labels: release

Podcast Generator 2.4 released

Podcast Generator 2.4 is here with new exciting features and improvements:

  • Added support for images associated to single episodes
  • Artwork embedded in a media file automatically extracted and displayed in the webpage + RSS feed
  • Added two new default themes: "Exposure" and "Syndicate" (thanks to Randy Greene)
  • Removed the old "classic_ocean" theme (that will be still supported for retro-compatibility)
  • Increased SEO for better indexing of the single episodes permalinks
  • Minor bug fixes... read more
Posted by Alberto Betella 2015-01-13

New Themes and Localizations

2 new official themes called "Exposure" and "Syndicate" are now available for Podcast Generator (2.3+):
Thanks to Randy Greene ( ) for designing and sharing them with the community!

Moreover, the following new translations are available: Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Spanish and Hungarian.
To contribute with new localizations of Podcast Generator visit:

Posted by Alberto Betella 2015-01-07

Podcast Generator 2.3 Released

Podcast Generator 2.3 is here, it's lighter and faster than ever and it includes new exciting features:

  • Added HTML5 audio and video players
  • Added the possibility of scheduled publication of episodes on a future date
  • Added a cron system to automatically scan the media folder and index new episodes
  • Added icons based on Font Awesome (internet connection required)
  • Added support for customized tag gcse:search to use Google custom search engine in Freebox
  • Updated TinyMCE for rich text areas (internet connection required) and deleted the old local copy
  • Updated GetID3 to the latest version
  • Code optimization for large files: GetID3 now reads ID3 tags just on upload/edit or manual feed regeneration
  • Code optimization: creation of new functions to avoid redundancy
  • Cleaned the components folder
  • Fixed bugs with the pagination of episodes
  • Minor bug fixes... read more
Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-10-27

Ligther, Faster, HTML5 audio/video players, and much more!

Podcast Generator 2.3 is on its way... It took longer than expected but
this upgrade will be great!
Lighter and faster than ever, it includes brand new HTML5 audio and video players! We just added a bonus feature that our users have been requesting for a while: it is now possible to call PG via a cron job to automatically index new episodes uploaded to the media folder. This feature opens a series of new use scenarios. For instance, we implemented the possibility to publish an episode in a future date: upload multiple episodes at once, and release them in the iTunes store automatically on a given date or periodically.
PG 2.3 coming soon! Check out the beta

Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-10-26

Ampps and Podcast Generator

Ampps is a free software stack (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl & Python) that makes it easy for anyone to create a new web site using an existing open source application, customize it, and then publish it on the internet. Ampps is cross-platform (hence it can replace WAMP, MAMP and LAMP) and comes out of the box with Softaculous auto-installer, that allow to install a pool of great web apps (including PODCAST GENERATOR!) in one click. Check it out:

Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-10-07

Improvements in Podcast Generator website

A new "About" page was added to Podcast Generator official website, with a description of the features and benefits:

Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-09-23

Beta test for Podcast Generator 2.3

In the next few days, PG 2.3 will be released!
Among the new features: a new HTML5 audio/VIDEO streaming player, better mobile/tables device compatibility, new icons and other fixes to the code!
Do you want to beta test it?
Feel free to do so, just download the latest snapshot here:
and follow these instruction to upgrade:
If you install the beta version, the upgrade to the official 2.3 release will be straightforward and won't present any problems.

Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-09-23

HTML5 audio/video player coming soon

Podcast Generator 2.3 will come with HTML5 AUDIO and VIDEO web players! If you want to try it before the official release, download the latest version from the SVN:

Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-09-23

Podcast Generator 2.2 released

Podcast Generator v.2.2 has been released!

Fixes and new features:

  • Added the possibility to specify a different URL for the podcast feed. E.g. Use of third party services for stats on podcast downloads. See
  • Added the possibility to display a custom website URL in the iTunes Store ( )
  • Fixed issues with the feed validation (now 100% warnings free)
  • Increased feed compatibility and interoperability
  • Improved localizations system (e.g. fixed issues with category names in Asian character sets)
  • Simplified the process of adding new languages to Podcast Generator
  • Added new translations (Catalan, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, ...)
  • Other minor bug fixes (e.g. see SVN commits for further details)... read more
Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-04-17 Labels: release

Podcast Generator official website restyled

Podcast Generator official website has been completely restyled:

  • Modern and responsive design
  • Easier access to documentation and FAQs
  • New Premium Support option
Posted by Alberto Betella 2014-02-01

Podcast Generator 2.0 released

Podcast Generator v.2.0 has been released!
See documentation to install or upgrade:

Short list of the improvements and new features:
- Code improvements
- Compatibility with PHP 5.3+ (e.g. avoid deprecated functions)
- Use of gettext for locales (translations)
- Change episodes order (date) from the admin area
- Integration with social networks (FB, Twitter, G+)
- New themes engine + new default theme
- Faster installation wizard
- Bug Fixes

Posted by Alberto Betella 2013-11-25 Labels: release

Podcast Generator 2.0 - online DEMO

A demo of Podcast Generator 2.0 Beta is available online. Try it!

The script still needs fine tuning. For this reason the code has not been released officially yet. However it is available on the SVN in case you feel intrepid and wanna check it out (at your own risk! Don't forget to make a backup copy if you are upgrading from a previous version).

Posted by Alberto Betella 2013-04-11

Podcast Generator 2.0 is almost here

Hello there! We've been working on a new version of Podcast Generator and it's almost ready for the release. We added social networks integration, a better system to handle translations and tons of improvements!
We're now upgrading the theme engine to add new and fresh themes ( please take one minute to answer to our poll: ).
If you feel "adventurous" and you are familiar with SVN repositories, you can check out the work in progress directly from the Sourceforge public SVN:

Posted by Alberto Betella 2013-01-29

Work in progress...

To celebrate our >100,000 downloads we are working on a new and fresh release of Podcast Generator. We're improving and upgrading the code, adding new features requested by the users and new themes.
More info here: (if you haven't done it yet, like Podcast Generator on Facebook and leave us a comment)

Posted by Alberto Betella 2012-11-24

100.000 Thank You!

Podcast Generator recently surpassed the 100.000 downloads on the Sourceforge servers!

If you are a happy user of Podcast Generator, don't forget to donate
Your support is important to keep the project alive and to promote future releases of the script.

If you wish, you can also leave a review and like the Facebook page read more

Posted by Alberto Betella 2012-09-29

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Are you a user of Podcast Generator? Do you like it? Please let us know :)

Posted by Alberto Betella 2011-09-08

Podcast Generator 1.4

Hello there!
I just released a new version of podcast generator (1.4). This solves two vulnerabilities and features some minor upgrades:

If you upgrade from previous versions (e.g. 1.3) follow these instructions:

IMPORTANT: If you want to continue using version 1.3 Stable you MUST upgrade two files applying the following security fix:

Posted by Alberto Betella 2011-02-04

Call for themes

Podcast Generator has been downloaded nearly 60.000 times since 2006 (over 14.700 times just in 2009).

The possibility of customizing Themes (or Skins) was introduced since version 1.0. However Podcast Generator currently comes with just two simple themes.
There are possibly thousands of users out there adopting this open source web framework ( and the majority of them still use the simple default theme...
That's a pity, new flavors are needed!... read more

Posted by Alberto Betella 2010-01-31

Podcast Generator 1.3 released

A new version of Podcast Generator (1.3) has been released. It doesn't feature big changes compared to the previous release, however some bugs have been resolved and the upgrade is recommended.

Here is the Changelog for version 1.3:

- Solved multiple bugs if server has Register Globals ON (anyway, never enable Register Globals in your server!)

- Solved a bug (handling of "ampersand" character) in categories_add.php and categories_remove.php (thanks to Garrett Vogenbeck)... read more

Posted by Alberto Betella 2009-06-04

Update Podcast Generator to the latest version (1.2)!

Haven't you updated Podcast Generator to version 1.2 yet?
Upgrade to version 1.2 now!

Despite the long beta testing period of the 1.x branch and the users feedbacks, a dangerous security issue has been recently discovered in version 1.1 and previous ones.

A new version of Podcast Generator (1.2) has been promptly released the same day as that security issue was discovered. A news has also been published on the official website, however some people have not updated the script yet.... read more

Posted by Alberto Betella 2009-04-06

Podcast Generator 1.2 released - Upgrade recommended

Podcast Generator 1.2 has been released!

Security fixes:

Download the new 1.2 release at this address:

Installation and upgrading instruction can be found in the on-line documentation:

- Other improvements -... read more

Posted by Alberto Betella 2009-03-29