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Update Podcast Generator to the latest version (1.2)!

Haven't you updated Podcast Generator to version 1.2 yet?
Upgrade to version 1.2 now!

Despite the long beta testing period of the 1.x branch and the users feedbacks, a dangerous security issue has been recently discovered in version 1.1 and previous ones.

A new version of Podcast Generator (1.2) has been promptly released the same day as that security issue was discovered. A news has also been published on the official website, however some people have not updated the script yet.

Upgrading is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED as an exploit script has been published on the main security websites and may allow attackers to delete arbitrary files on your server.

Download the latest version of Podcast Generator as soon as possible:

...and follow the simple upgrade instruction:

It's very important to keep your copy of Podcast Generator updated to the latest version in order to add new features and patch security issues that may be found! Remember that you have several ways to AUTOMATICALLY receive notifications as soon as a new version is released:

Posted by Alberto Betella 2009-04-06

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