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Pocket Freemind 0.6.0 Final Released

Changes since 0.6.0 Beta 2

* add icon "yes" and "clock" to icon selection dialog
* fix error on loading map with custom icon
* fix fail open file from command line
* Change menu : Edit Note -> Add/Edit Note
* Copy-Paste in Note Editor Dialog

Posted by Hafiz Pariabi 2010-10-20

PocketFreemind 0.6.0 Beta 2 Released

Changes since 0.6.0 Beta 1 :

* changes on node's note editing/viewing
* new color-picker dialog (using OpenNetCF)
* new icon selection dialog
* new search dialog
* new-file button on toolbar
* fixes on search and file-saving

Posted by Hafiz Pariabi 2010-01-23

PocketFreemind 0.6.0 Beta1 Released

Posted by Hafiz Pariabi 2009-01-15

Pocket Freemind version 0.5 has been released!

Pocket Freemind version 0.5 has been released! There's a lot of new stuff in this version including support for icons and colors, support for notes, a few bug fixes, a new menu, and a new toolbar. Visit http://eringal.com/pocketfreemind/ for more details.

Posted by Peter Carroll 2008-06-09

Pocket Freemind 0.2 released

Pocket Freemind released version 0.2. This release includes the highly requested fix for adjusting the application window when the soft input panel (on-screen keyboard) is being used. Also included in this release is the ability to move nodes up, down, left, and right throughout the map.
Pocket Freemind is hierarchical note taking application for Windows Mobile, compatible with the desktop mind-mapping application Freemind.

Posted by Peter Carroll 2007-07-04

Pocket Freemind 0.1 released!

This is the first release of Pocket Freemind, a PocketPC application to view, edit, and create Freemind mindmap files. Requires the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 to be installed on your PocketPC device.

Posted by Peter Carroll 2006-03-26