PocketFreemind File in ANSI

  • Anonymous - 2008-10-17


    i use a German Windows Mobile 6.1 on my XDA Neo (HTC Prophet). Before that i use Windows Mobil 5. With WM5 i have no problems to open my Freemind Files. But After the Update to WM6.1 the Application crashes, when i open the file. But i can create a new one and this can be opened. I have transfered both files to my desktop. The difference is, that newly saved file is UTF8 and the old one is ANSI. Under WM5 i have no problem with this. Is there any fix for this?

    • Hafiz Pariabi

      Hafiz Pariabi - 2008-10-18


      Probably-silly question from me : how do you see one is utf8 and the other ansi?. Could you send the me both files please?.

      Just an idea for workaround : can you make a file in desktop and open it in wm6?, if you can you could try resaving the problematic file e.g: make a blank mindmap and copy paste everyting to it, and opening it in wm6.



    • Anonymous - 2008-10-18

      i have copied the files to the dekstop and opend them with the windows notepad, when i click on "save as", i see ANSI with the original file. this file wouldnt work witn PocketFreemind 0.5, but it work with Freemind 0.9.019 on the Desktop with Windows XP SP3., also it work under Ubuntu Linux.

      i have saved it with the Windows Notepad, but choos UTF8 as code. after this, it works on the PPC and on the Desktop. If i change the file with Freemind on the Desktop (the UTF8 Version), i falls back to ANSI. This version works also on the PPC...

      i think i have created the original versions under Linux, maybe the problem is not the encoding, but the line ending? CR/LF and so on?

      i can send you my files when you want, so you can make some tests with it. please give me your mail adress, so  i can send them to you. you can reach me under the contact form on www.pfohlnet.de

      • Hafiz Pariabi

        Hafiz Pariabi - 2008-10-19

        I think I have your mail from sometime ago, if it still working. I have sent you the current build I have so please test with it first and let me know.

    • Anonymous - 2008-10-19

      Thanks for your mail. I have received the file right now and will try it in this weekend. i give give you a report about this version a soon as i can. have many thanks for it...

    • Hafiz Pariabi

      Hafiz Pariabi - 2008-10-21


      I have just investigating the case and it seems the problem is in the file that is not really "honest" about the content it has. It says UTF-8 but it contain characters that does not exist in UTF-8 character set, thus the complain from .netcf xml reader.

      For example, the map contain word :


      which in utf-8, although it will render the same on the screen, it will be represented internally as :


      It seems the app that produce the file does not exactly play along well with the encoding consistency (MindManager export?).

      Still, PocketFreemind shouldn't be crash :). It could be more forgiving like Desktop Freemind and try to render/convert the offending characters i.e: try to get around limitation of .net xml reader, or notify the user that the file has inconsistency problem.

      For temporary fix, you could open the file in Freemind and do File->Save-As, it will convert/re-save all the nodes with the right character set. However, from what I tried, if the node has notes it will noe be converted automatically, you need to see the node's note individually in HTML-Code-View and then it would resave the note with the correct charset (most probably because Freemind use third party component for note viewing/editing).

      Hopefully it could help for now. I'll see what route we'll take to handle this, probably for now we'll code some error handler to notify user to "fix" their file :).

    • Anonymous - 2008-10-21

      you are right, i have exported the files with mindmanager, because i have made all the files with a trial of this software. afte seeing, that freemind is all what i need, i have switched to freemind.

      your comments are ok for me, a little dialog box with the right hint for right encoding is ok for me. with this hint the user knows, what she/he must to do, to use this file.

      when you have a new version of your great app, i would be happy to test it. i use freemind only for my private purpose, so i have all the time of the world to test new versions and ideas when you want. also i use linux and windows here on my private machine. so i could test the side effects in most of the environments when you want.


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