Icons for notes ?

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian - 2008-10-18

    i wonder if it possible to mark nodes with notes with a special icon. Is this possible? With this it would be much easier to find nodes with notes...

    • Hafiz Pariabi

      Hafiz Pariabi - 2008-10-19

      Currently now and probably not for a little while later since we currenty rely .Net's TreeView control to render the mindmap. When we code more customized control we may support it.

      However, you could use manual/personal convention on your mindmap to let you know the node has note. For example, you could put icon on the node with note like I do below :


      The drawback is that you can not put another icon on it since currently PocketFreemind only support one icon per node.

      Lately I have been using combination of the icon above and yellow node background (the effect is kinda like highlighting marker) to notify me node with note (node : node backgdound colour will be on the next release soon). The highlight also function to differentiate it with node that has that the same icon but not the same semantic.



    • Hafiz Pariabi

      Hafiz Pariabi - 2008-10-19

      Also, although it's only a minor help for the problem and just in case you missed it, the note toolbar icon will change to yellow when the node has note on 0.5.

    • Sebastian

      Sebastian - 2008-10-19

      thats a good workaround. i will use it in my next mindmaps. thanks


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