Install Problems

  • Martyn Hordern

    Martyn Hordern - 2008-09-21


    Have a Dell Axim X5 with POCKET PC 2003 Premium on.

    Have copied the cab file to the PDA and download .Net Compact v2 - that would not install due to an invalid file - downloaded v 3.5 which did not seem to install onto the PDA and the cab file is not visible on the PDA but is via active sync.

    Any advice would be welcome.

    • Hafiz Pariabi

      Hafiz Pariabi - 2008-09-22

      I don't use wm2003 so I can't tell much. But, have you succeed in installing any .net cf at all? I am not too sure from reading your post.



    • Martyn Hordern

      Martyn Hordern - 2008-09-23


      thanks for taking the trouble - the answer is I think that none of .net has installed - v2 gives an error message, v3.5 runs / installs but nothing happens on PPC via anti sync.


      • Hafiz Pariabi

        Hafiz Pariabi - 2008-09-26

        Well, you need to have .net installed to run PocketFreemind. Too bad we can't help you much on that.

        Good luck :),



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