Icons supported?

  • Kauzix

    Kauzix - 2007-06-28

    First I must tell you, that ist a great thing to use my FreeMind-maps on my PDA. Thanks for this!
    And here is my question: Is it planed to insert the icons (which I use often to visualise priority)? Now they get lost if I work on the map and save it back to desktop.

    PS: When do you thick you release a new version? The problem with the SIP is a great one.

    • Anonymous - 2007-06-28

      I have created a feature request in the tracker to support icons. It's #1744825. I don't plan to make this a part of version 0.2, but it seems to be a good candidate for 0.3. I'll see if I can keep the icons from disappearing from the map in 0.2 though.

      I'm still working on 0.2, but it should be out in the next couple of weeks. The SIP problem has already been fixed for 0.2. If you have a copy of Visual Studio 2005 you can get the latest code from subversion and compile it.

    • Anonymous - 2007-06-29

      Can you clarify what you mean by losing the icons? I did some simple tests, and if I edit a map that has icons, the icons are still there when I load it again on the desktop. Obviously if you delete a node or add a new one, those won't have an icon.

    • Kauzix

      Kauzix - 2007-06-29

      You are right. I've tested it with a new map and there is no loosing of icons. I cannot remember what I have done to get the icons lost. If I can reproduce it, i will inform you.
      thanks for your support


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