Move nodes?

  • Lorne Covington

    Lorne Covington - 2009-07-17

    Really happy to see this program!  The thing that has kept me from using Freemind instead of MindManager is the ability to sync with my Axim (currently I'm using Pocket Mindmap which reads/writes MindManager files).  But darned if I can figure out how to move nodes around.  The only thing I can find to do is to cut and paste, but on the paste the node always goes to the end of the parent node list, so there is no way to reorder them.

    Usually with tree structures there's some method to do this, either by drag/dropping the nodes, or using arrows to move them up/down in/out.  Am I missing something?  Sadly, since I have rather complicated maps and edit them a lot on my Axim, this is not a usable program for me (and hence Freemind as well) without this feature - things would get too confused very fast.

    Thanks a bunch though, I'm still hopeful!  And if I am able to switch to this program, I will happily create some help docs for it.

  • Daniel Kim

    Daniel Kim - 2010-03-08

    Strangely enough, node movement is in the Menu - Navigate list.
    I'd really prefer some more intuitive and quick node movement features myself, such as a tap-hold context option to move the node, followed by dragging with the stylus.  Alternatively, a menubar with arrows or something for up/down/right/left node movement.

    I use this program a lot, myself, and I've stopped using MindManager in favor of Freemind/PocketFreemind.

  • Hafiz Pariabi

    Hafiz Pariabi - 2010-03-09

    We basically follow menu structure of Freemind i.e: node movement is under Navigate. It does feel a tiny bit strange, but still can be rationalize, I think. It could be changed in the future when we do more optimization on menu placement.


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