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0.6.0 Beta 1 is Out

  • Hafiz Pariabi

    Hafiz Pariabi - 2009-01-15

    Checkout the download section.

    • hector

      hector - 2009-01-18


      previous version failed when opening files with long nodes (think that's the reason)

      long nodes appear as [n] now, i cannot see what they say

      is this a bug??


      • Hafiz Pariabi

        Hafiz Pariabi - 2009-01-19

        Node with [n] tag supposed to be a node with a note not long node. Is your node has a note in it? if it does not and it has [n] tag then it is a bug, feel free to submit a bug report for it.

    • hector

      hector - 2009-01-18


      previous version failed when opening files with long nodes (think that's the reason)

      long nodes appear as [n] now, i cannot see what they say

      is this a bug??


    • Geo Magic

      Geo Magic - 2009-01-21

      Best Rollone and other developers:

      thanx soooo much for this INCREDIBLE software

      I use it daily and sync @ home with my PC freemind. This update now handles more and better and I just wanted to say THANX for all the hard work, you guys are AWESOME.

      God bless

      • Hafiz Pariabi

        Hafiz Pariabi - 2009-01-22

        We are glad to hear you find it useful. Thanks for the feedback.

    • hector

      hector - 2009-02-26

      Hi guys

      I asked about nodes with [n] before/above and have been collecting feedback to give you since some time, but i don't have in this pc at the moment... forgot to copy it into my "letters" mind map!!

      I noted that [n] meant "note" no long after i posted my query, however today I can see where the confusion exactly came from: it's  bug!!!

      (i am using desktop version rc1 at the moment)

      in the mentioned "letters" mindmap that i think was created in my pocket pc (ipaq), i added a few long nodes on my desktop pc later... today I opened it in my pocket pc again and ...all i saw in the nodes was "[n]" and the text in the notes!!

      i have opened the file now in a desktop pc and they they are perfectly showing as "long nodes"

      so here it's a bug

      let me know if you need anything else

      i hope to post more feedback that i already noted soon

      thanks a lot for the great improvement in this version!!!!

    • Kurt Woodham

      Kurt Woodham - 2009-04-14

      Hi - long time freemind user.  Tried this out and am very impressed!  Only suggestion that I have is to include an option for the user to control the launching of the SIP keyboard.  I use a Samsung SCH-i760 with a slide-out keyboard, and I also use a Celio Redfly (which your software looks really good on, by the way), and it is a pain to always have the SIP keyboard jumping into the screen every time I want to make an entry.

      I know little about how this is done, but I have other applications that do not exhibit this behavior (or provide a toggle in the setting for controlling the soft keyboard).

      Thanks so much - I'm excited about having freemind on my PPC and Redfly.

      - Kurt

    • Chuck

      Chuck - 2009-04-15


      Thanks for the kind word. As you can probably tell, none of us have PocketPCs with a slide-out keyboard.

      Are you willing to run a test application for me? I'd like to find out if I can determine whether a keyboard is connected or not.


      • Wavey

        Wavey - 2009-04-19

        Hi Chuck,
        Great release, just what i have been looking for.
        I'm having the same problem as a previous poster "donector".
        I'm using destop release candidate 3, and adding long nodes in Rich Text format.
        The problem I have is that the node text does not appear in Pocket Freemind, I just get the [n] symbol on the node itself.


          - Hotel
              - Westin
              - [n]
              - Arrive 10-Aug-2009

        Where the node under "Westin" is a node which has a heading of "Details" and then a few more sentences.
        I can see the text I entered if i use the notes button, and I can edit it, but it would be great if I could see (at least the first line) of text in the node, so I knew what it referred too, at the moment I have to click on it to see what it contains.

        By the way, I have a slide out keyboard and will be willing to test anything you want me to.

        Best Regards


    • Kurt Woodham

      Kurt Woodham - 2009-04-21


      I installed the "ZeNoKeyboard" SIP - which does what I need - there's also a registry setting to disable the SIP altogether, but my Samsung SCH-i760 slide-out keyboard needs to be able to have access to the Symbols SIP to pick up characters that aren't hard-coded onto the slideout.  If I do the registry setting, I can't do that symbol lookup for things like underscores.

      So - I'd be willing to do a quick look at an update for you if you'd like - as long as you could stand some significant lag in my response: sometimes I get a bit backlogged and it might take a while to get back to you.  drop me a link and I'll do what I can.


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