Moving to FreeplaneWM project

  • Hafiz Pariabi

    Hafiz Pariabi - 2011-01-25


    I've been working on FreeplaneWM and it finally has release :

    The background :
    * I've been using freeplane for sometime and need something that is more aligned with it
    * Pocketfreemind has not been working well with my current device (htc touch pro2)
    * I just feel like doing a rewrite :)

    Here's what's been done with pocketfreemind 0.6:

    * upgrade to .netcf 3.5
    * rewritten core library : it's now basically just a thin layer wrapper around the native xml classes of .net and does not containt it's own data model/management
    * rewritter main gui and dialogs
    * freeplane icon support
    * support icon in node's physical style
    * restructure menus
    * remove note support and custom toolbar

    I've reused some utility classes from PocketFreemind project. So, I hope it's ok with you guys here.



  • hector

    hector - 2011-02-12

    hey rollone, those are great news!
    i have had to install net framework 3.5 on my ipaq 114 to make it work, and it seems to work good and maybe better than pfm
    nevertheless it has a problem with html nodes that have a "head" section and maybe others labels
    nodes that have a simple html code (like html, body, p, br) work…. but all the others show empty, which really makes it a bit useless.
    i hope you can fix this



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