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New version for christmas

I'm going to be releasing a new version for christmas.

I had hoped to have it finished by today, but my schedule has been disturbed by work, which takes priority in these cases.

I'm aiming for Friday.

Posted by Pete Shanahan 2003-12-08

ETA for new version

I'm currently between net-access at the moment between leaving my old house and moving into my new house... when a phone company tells you that they're going to connect the DSL some time in the next 60 days then you know you're in trouble. Consequently I've been not able to make many changes to the source to get in a lot of the changes I'd like for the next version.

We're looking at a 30 day window before I'll be able to send out a new version of the game. Now, if I had some volunteers then it might take a shorter length of time (cheesy grin).... read more

Posted by Pete Shanahan 2002-10-04


I've decided to introduce a nearlylive category. This contains the best, working source I have. I'll commit to testing on POSE on the m100 ROM and at the palm IIIc ROM.
Additionally I'll be using my own sony S300 and N770.

Posted by Pete Shanahan 2002-08-20

Future Plans (platforms/Features)

I've taken over from Zakarun as the primary developer of Pocketcity.

I'm planning on adding support for the Zaurus. I'll report more on my progress once I can get even the simplest program to compile using the API.
I'm also planning on developing a Win32 port (using GTK) as well as supporting Cross-Platform save games.
These will require changing the savegame structure; however I will make a savegame conversion tool to upgrade savegames. This will only work for compatible versions; though.... read more

Posted by Pete Shanahan 2002-08-13

Port to GTK+

I've started a port to GTK+, so far it goes great. Take a look in the CVS.

Posted by Kean Pedersen 2002-03-29

Port to the Sony Cli

Theo <cocococo30@hotmail.com> modified the source from somewhere between 0.09 and 0.10 to fit the hi-res screen of the Sony Clie device. He also did
a whole lot of other nice changes. I could see from the source he sent me, that he had put a lot of work into this, but unfortunately he doesn't yet know how to use CVS. He also modified the source so much, that it was hard for me to commit it into the CVS repository. ... read more

Posted by Kean Pedersen 2002-03-26

Pocket City on the net

After some more or less mindless surfing on the 'net, I came across some sites with Pocket City for download. It appears these sites automagically fetches program updates from palmgear.com (where I'm manually updating Pocket City with every version), and adds them to their site.

You might want to check the comments on the game, but keep in mind the posting dates of the older comments ;) (every piece of software has it's buggy childhood)... read more

Posted by Kean Pedersen 2002-02-05