Windows 8

  • Cengiz

    Cengiz - 2012-03-10

    I cannot use PNotes on "Windows 8 Consumer Preview" release. When PNotes will
    be compatible with Windows 8 ?

  • oldlamer

    oldlamer - 2012-03-10

    When PNotes will be compatible with Windows 8 ?

    When I will have Windows 8 to run it (or maybe never :))
    BTW, why cannot you use it? Do you have any message or does it just crash, or
    just does not start?

  • Cengiz

    Cengiz - 2012-03-10

    No any message..No starting problem, but the windows (the notes) are black
    completely. (The old ones and the new created notes too. )
    I've tried every options on preferences but the result is the same.
    PNotes is one of the best (maybe the best one) of the sticky notes that I've
    already tried (Notezilla, Turbonote+ etc included)
    Thanks for your reply.

  • oldlamer

    oldlamer - 2012-03-10

    OK. I see. Thank you for information.
    If there are problems in Windows 8 with RichEdit or layered windows - the
    future of PNotes is very sad :(

    • Horst

      Horst - 2012-11-11

      I can use the actual PNotes version without any problems.
      Using Windows 8 Pro x64
      Pnotes started from the desktop.
      Bzw. I'm using Classic Shell

  • Hariharasudhan R

    Iam seeing the black windows on Windows 7 64bit Home Premium as well

  • Hariharasudhan R

    In addition to previous comment :

    It does not happen always.
    When starting the program everything seems to work fine.
    Somewhere in between, the windows become black.

    I can post screenshots in case that would be helpful.

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-08

    I'm encountering the same type of problem too. I can't figure out what's really wrong. - <A HREF="">Dan Sciscente</A>


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