PNotes 4.5 beta

  • oldlamer

    oldlamer - 2008-11-05

    Hi all!
    PNotes 4.5 beta is available at:

    What's new:
    1. Favorites (right click on note's non-client area and choose Add To Favorites (Remove From Favorites)
    2. Custom fonts (fonts should be in 'fonts' directory within the program directory. Preferences --> Appearance --> Use custom fonts. Fonts are registered for private use of program and unregistered after the program exits.)
    3. Sending note via e-mail as attachment. MS Outlook users - Outlook tries to treat .pnote files as simple RTF files and even changes their extension to .rtf while receiving - Wit Works Woe! Save the file as .pnote and continue to work with it.
    4. Loading note from .pnote file (well, otherwise the previous feature is unusable)
    5. Recycle Bin (like in Windows, if you hold left Shift and click 'Delete' the note will be destroyed permanently). Emptying/restoring can be made via Control Panel.
    6. Instead of 'Show All', 'Hide All' there are now 'Show Groups', 'Hide Groups' menu items in the system tray popup menu, allow you to show/hide specified groups of notes (or show/hide all notes)
    7. Autosave will now include newly created notes as well
    8. Prompt to load autosaved notes after program crash will now appear only if there is at least one autosaved note
    9. New scheduler type - 'Weekly'. Allows to select 1 - 7 weekdays and time. The program will alarm you each selected weekday at selected time.
    10. New scheduler type - 'After'. Allows to select start date/time and amount of [years][months][weeks][days][hours][minutes][seconds]. The program will alarm you after this amount is reached
    11. Added option to show Control Panel on program start


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