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PNOB Discontinued

I am officially declaring this project ended... Anyone who has visited this page recently can see that the project has been inactive for 4 years. I had for some time intended to re-write PNOB from scratch, since I was very unhappy with the code. However, in that time, other open source blog options have appeared that filled the need that I was originally after. One such that I recommend is WordPress.... read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2008-04-17

PNOB 0.1.1 Released!

Fixed an error in the code that caused changing passwords to be impossible.

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-04-19

PNOB-0.1 Released!

I've released PNOB-0.1 which contains several minor bugfixes. This is considered the final version of 0.1. If there are any future releases of the 0.1 branch, they will be for major fixes only. There is one major change which will affect users who are upgrading from a previous version of PNOB. Please visit the INSTALL document and read the section on Upgrading.

Download: read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-04-14

PNOB 0.1-RC3 Released!

This is a bugfix-only release. See for details.

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-31

PNOB 0.1-RC2 Released!

PNOB 0.1 Release Candidate 2 is now available for download, offering many fixes and additions. The only thing left to do before a final 0.1 is released is a more full documentation and iron out any bugs that are reported from 0.1-RC2. So please, send comments, concerns, etc, to ! Actually, if anyone is running pnob and could send me a screenshot of their output, that'd be great -- especially from anyone who is taking advantage of the new Custom Output Format options.... read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-26

PNOB Official Website Launch

Thanks to the webmastering skills of anastazi, the official PNOB website is up. And guess what? It runs PNOB ;)

Head on over and see for yourself.

All future non-essential news items will be exclusively posted there.

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-26

PNOB 0.1-RC2 Coming Soon!

Hey anyone!
Work is going well on 0.1-RC2. I've already addressed several bugs, updated the INSTALL/README and STYLES files, and added several new features. If you want to see what the current changes, check out

Keep in mind that the date on that page is just a complete guess (just so it didn't say "??" for the date), and that there will be a few more changes before 0.1-RC2 goes out the door.

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-24


For those who may want to try out PNOB-0.1-RC1, please ensure that you REMOVE post_count.php and recreate this file (a new, empty one) before proceeding.

This bug is of very low priority, it will simply cause the "ID number" of your first post to be around 600, which doesn't really matter at all, since everything will still run smoothly. The main problem with this bug is simply that it may cause confusion ("why is the first post I ever made #643?").... read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-19

PNOB 0.1-RC1 Released!

Yep, that's right. It's finally out. Download away. Please send all feedback to weaseal at users dot sourceforge dot net. Get the file from the project summary page.

Read INSTALL. Visit setup.php .

0 - Admin - unrestricted
1 - Trusted User - Post, modify settings, modify all posts.
2 - Introductory User - Post, modify own posts.
3 - Viewer - Read only (for installations that require login to read)

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-15

PNOB 0.1-RC1 due out 12th or 13th

The subject line says it all. I'm pushing back PNOB 0.1-RC1 a day or two to finish working out some bugs that have popped up on a win2k server running PNOB (previously I'd only had *nix servers to test on, until about 3 days ago).

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-12

PNOB Comment System

It occurs to me that I have not yet mentioned anything about the comment system (for those unfamiliar, it will be a systems that allows readers/viewers to post replies or "comments" for each post). First, there WILL be a comment system. Second, it will probably not be in 0.1, but will be completed by 0.2 (roughly 2-3 weeks after 0.1 is released). It's *possible* that I will complete the comment system before 0.1 goes out, but I have a lot going in the real-life realm in the next couple of weeks, so don't cross your fingers on that one.

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-03

Rough -> Smoother

I've been ironing out the kinks and bugs of PNOB over the last couple of days, mostly. I've also done some feature addition and consideration.

I think in a future version (after 0.1-RC1), I'll work on allowing the users to select one of several possible PNOB interface color styles. I'm refering to PNOB itself, not its output (the output already has several shapes color styles that are selectable by the admin). This will be fairly superficial as it will affect nothing aside from how the news-submission engine looks externally, but hey, people like "pretty things," right? :)... read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-03-02

A Couple More Pics

Greetings again. Just a couple more pics to show off the recently finished post-modification section.

I've also added different output color-styles, which I hadn't planned to come along with the initial release, but I decided to go ahead and get that implemented now. The reason for these is that the output page is really meant to be embedded in another page, and since not everyone uses a page with a light-colored theme, I've created three themes so far (I'll do a couple more before release, too): light, dark, and desert.... read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-02-26

PNOB Done, Mostly

PNOB is pretty much done (that is to say, all initially planned features are working, with no bugs that can be detected by just me alone). I completely re-wrote the login system today. The reason for that is that I added cookies (support for long-term login) and the old way was written very poorly. Yes, I admit it, I sometimes write code so ugly that even I cringe at the thought of having to work with it -- fortunately this has been happening less and less often ;)... read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-02-24

PNOB Nearly Done!

Yep, that's right, the first beta-release of PNOB (I guess I'll call it 0.1-RC1), the first of 2 release-candidates (not production-ready, but certainly open-testing ready) will be out the door in, oh, let's estimate about 3 weeks.

What's that? You want to know what it looks like? Well, okay, be BE FORWARNED! It doesn't look pretty, it's still pretty rough, but it "gets the job done."... read more

Posted by Walter Venable 2004-02-22