ANNOUNCE: pnm2pa-1.10pre2 release

A new version of pnm2ppa (1.10pre2) with significant improvements (?) for printing images is released.
Please try it out if you are still using one of these
legacy HP PPA DeskJets. The new version
is a drop-in replacement for pnm2ppa-1.04. It now
consistently always prints Black ink on top of Color, never below, removing one reason for poor image quality in pnm2ppa-1.04.
Bidirectional printing is also improved, and a few obscure bugs that didnt affect most users are fixed. Reports from users, especially HP820C or HP1000C users, are very welcome.
The calibration program calibrate_ppa is also updated to work with pnm2ppa-1.10.

NOTE: 1.10pre 2 fixes a bug in 1.10pre1
please update if you are using 1.10pre1.

Posted by Duncan 2002-06-10

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