Mandrake 7.1 issues

Some Mandrake 7.1 users report difficulties using Mandrake's DrakX or DrakConf tools to configure their PPA printer.

(specifically, they report that only the entry for the
HP DeskJet 1000 series (PPA) is shown)

In this case, use the "printtool" utility instead.

To start it just type (as root):


(If printtool fails to start correctly after you tried using DrakX or DrakConf, delete /etc/printcap ,

rm /etc/printcap

and run


again; it should now work. The Drak tools apparently can create an invalid /etc/printcap).


It is also reported that the script


may fail to detect a PPA printer, but the printer still
works fine. You (as root) may need to manually load the parport_probe module before running detect_ppa.

modprobe parport_probe
modprobe -r parport_probe

Posted by Duncan 2000-08-04

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