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pnm2ppa[308]: parm_iversion(): Unknown Printer versio

karl agee
  • karl agee

    karl agee - 2002-10-09

    Greetings all.  Attempting to get my 820c running on a freebsd 4.7-pre box.  Trying to get the thing working through apsfilter 7.2.2....and I get the above error even though I have the version set in the pnm2ppa.conf file.



    • Dylan Carlson

      Dylan Carlson - 2002-10-11

      what is the exact value of "version" in pnm2ppa?  it should be "820" not "820c" in case that is what you have it set to.

    • karl agee

      karl agee - 2002-10-21

      pnm2ppa is giving back v 820.  It's still giving me the above error.

      Well I have not been successful in getting it working...have tried doing it by hand and using apsfilter.  Even installed rpm but too many dependencies.  ugh.

      so what to do next?

    • Duncan

      Duncan - 2002-11-09


      Are you *sure* you edited pnm2ppa.conf correctly?
      This is the default "error" message that results from
      not editing pnm2ppa.conf to configure the printer type.


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