sidtheduck - 2011-05-11


I have a NAS running Debian 5.0 and because of the firmware imaging, I've set up optware to install packages in the writable location of /opt/.  I've installed a CUPS installation via optware, but am trying to install pnm2ppa for my HP Deskjet 720c.  Will the pnm2ppa makefile recognize an optware installation of CUPS, or will it try to install on the read only firmware mount default location?  I'm hesitant to just try the install for fear that I will mess something up with either the firmware mounts or that pnm2ppa will have a partial install and then I'll have to hunt down and clean out any files that were installed.

If nobody has tried it, I could bit the bullet and try it out as well, but I would like to know more about what locations the pnm2ppa package installs itself.  Can anyone fill me on on the default install locations for a Debian Lenny install in the off chance that I need to track down and clean out a mis-install?

Many thanks!