David Collins - 2008-03-31

In general, pnm2ppa serves me very well, but often there is a very long delay after I initiate printing and when this occurs, I have to fire up the Printer Set Up Utility, open up the dialog that monitors my HP 722C's queue and manually 'start' the job.

What I've discovered when I immediatly open up the printer job dialog (just after initiating a print from an application) is a long period of activity where it looks like the job is being sent to the printer (this period lasts about as long as it takes to actually print a page).  Then the activity stops and the 'start' job icon goes green ... clicking on the icon immediatly causes the job to be printed.

Other times when I print from my app, the job just prints immediately ...

Usually, the first attempt at printing a job succeeds immediately ... then any subsequent printing requires me to intervene manually as described above.

Anyone have any ideas about what might be the cause?