Alex Krasnov - 2002-05-23

OK, i have an hp deskjet 722c on /dev/lpt0, i think i set everything up as described in the docs... but here's the problem:

when i print using

lpr -Pascii test


lpr -Pcoloreco test

what happens is that it seems to print, the printer turns on (i.e. the light comes on) but nothing comes out

in my lpd-errs i get messages about the printer being restarted several times and no pages printed like this:

May 22 21:39:15 dhcp-157-319 pnm2ppa[16738]: Starting print job
May 22 21:39:15 dhcp-157-319 pnm2ppa[16738]: No pages printed!
May 22 21:39:15 dhcp-157-319 lpd[16733]: restarting asci

and finally a fatal error:

May 22 21:39:19 dhcp-157-319 lpd[16733]: ascii: job could not be printed (cfA001dh
May 22 21:39:25 dhcp-157-319 lpd[16733]: mail sent to user root about job test on
printer ascii (FATALERR)

any help would be greatly appreciated.