Integration with Gimp print plug-in?

  • Kipp Cannon

    Kipp Cannon - 2000-11-08


    Have you folks put any thought into integrating your code into the Gimp print plug-in project?  (  That project is a collection of printer drivers for both Ghostscript and the GIMP and since pnm2ppa is (effectively) an external printer driver for Ghostscript already it might be nice if these two development efforts could be pooled.

    The Gimp print people claim to have some fancy colour processing algorithms for producing very nice print quality.  I don't really know the details either way but maybe pnm2ppa would benefit from a merge by essentially handing off the job of writing and maintaining dithering code to a group of people working specifically on that alone.

    I'm really only thinking out loud here so don't take me too seriously.  I'm a pnm2ppa user (thank you, BTW!) and I just think I see the Gimp print plugin people and you guys as having stuff to offer each other (your drivers for their image processing algorithms) in which case a merger could potentially be great for everyone.

    Ok, talk to you later


    • Robert Kroiss

      Robert Kroiss - 2000-11-20

      Yes, I think this would be really a great idea ! Is there anyone of the developers who has some gould arguments not to do so ?

      Robert Kroiss

      • Anonymous - 2000-11-23

        I looked at the gimp plugin.   Nice, but...
        Basically someone  would need to write a
        new driver,  using pnm2ppa as model for the PPA
        parts, but replacing the pnm parts.

        Maybe it would be simple, maybe not.

        This would need new motivated people
        (you perhaps?)

    • Anonymous - 2000-11-23

      The work on pnm2ppa over the last six
      months has mainly been incremental code cleanups
      and bug fixes.    The parts of pnm2ppa that process the
      image (color, dithering etc), and  then process it
      into swaths (strips for printing on the page) could certainly
      do with a complete overhaul for printing images.

      But none of the original developers are still active;
      pnm2ppa now works well enough for many common printing
      tasks, and  unless new people with the interest in
      working on image processing join the project, nothing
      will happen....

      Also, HP has stopped selling PPA printers (?), I believe, so
      this is legacy ware!.


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