Serve PPA printer via papd?

Greg Woods
  • Greg Woods

    Greg Woods - 2001-04-07

    I want to serve my 722C printer to Macs on the network via Appletalk/papd. I have been able to serve it to Windows machines via Samba, and to Linux machines via lpd. It appears that to use papd, my printer must look to the Macs like a PostScript printer, so I need a proper PPD file, but I haven't been able to find one. Of course, what I need is a PPD file for one of the printers that uses the PNM protocol. DOes anyone know what PPD file I could use for this?

    I have tried running without a PPD file, and using the "HP DeskJet 1200C" file, but in both cases, I get errors from ghostscript in doing the translation from the PostScript generated on the Mac.


    • Duncan

      Duncan - 2001-04-26

      PNM is a graphics format that ghostscript
      can convert postscript into, and pnm2ppa
      converts the pnm (usually the format ppm =
      "portable pixmax",  or sometimes pbm =
      "portable bitmap") into the PPM format that the printer

      PNM  is not a printer protocol.
      PPA is the one that the printer uses.

      If your mac can send postscript to ghostscript running on the linux box, it might work.

      But I guess that Windows +Samba
      uses the Windows drivers to produce the PPA iinstructions
      on the windows system., then sends it
      to the printer using samba.   There are no mac drivers for
      the HP722c though..., so that strategy wouldnt work.


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