Can only print half a page

  • Ed

    Ed - 2000-12-25

    When I try printing on my FreeBSD machine (using release 4.2, ghostscript 6.01, and pnm2ppa 1.04) I get a message saying
    nilmop# ./print --eco
    lpr:  : copy file is too large
    The printer will then print half of the page and stop. After a little while, I hear the cartridge returning to its rest position.
    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • Ed

      Ed - 2000-12-26

      I've fixed it so I no longer get the error message (by removing the size limit in /etc/printcap), and now the printer prints a page and a half.
      This is usable, but barely. Any idea why it stops there?

      • Anonymous - 2000-12-27

        The  PPA format output of pnm2ppa is quite large,  (it's designed for streaming to the printer as it is produced on a
        Windows machine)
        maybe you are hitting some other size limit in BSD?
        On Linux, there is no problem with printing multiple pages though.

        But if pnm2ppa was really unusable on BSD, we would have
        probably heard about it by now, so it is like some configuration problem you have (?)


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