• Michael C. Mancini

    Few things.  First, this is a great program :)  Second, the older version (0.8.6) did compile and work correctly on BeOS without changes, but this newer version (0.8.8) does not.  It is something with the -lm flag on gcc.  What does this flag do (I don't do much with gcc)?  I'd like to see this run on Be!

    • Andrew van der Stock

      It's the math library. You probably don't need it. Take it off, and see if you get any link errors. Please provide a patch when you're done!

      • Michael C. Mancini

        Yep, that was the problem.  New problem now though :)  I am getting undefined references to syslog, closelog, and openlog.  I checked, and Be does have the syslog header file, and it has everything the program should need to work correctly.  Any idea why this is happening, or do you think this might be a BeOS/Begcc bug?

        • Andrew van der Stock

          No, it's probably a lack of syslog() implementation. I suggest you write a syslog wrapper and make openlog() closelog() empty functions, and syslog() is simply a call to fprintf(stderr, blah);

          See my implementation of DPRINTF for info on how to do this. Once you've done it and it links, and works as expected, provide me with the routines that you've created, and a way to distinguish BeOS from inside a source file (ie __BEOS__ or similar), and we'll get it working for BeOS as well.

          • Michael C. Mancini

            Yep, you got it again :)  It compiles and the program executes fine.  However, there seems to be a problem with reading pnm or pnmraw files.  In make_im_stat(): unknowm PNM magic, and then it has two box characters (unrecognized).  Now, the BeOS ghostscript created a one page PNM file weighing 134MB!  Is this normal size for a PNM file, or is Be ghostscript messing up somewhere?

            • Andrew van der Stock

              You have to use ppmraw. pnm will output the relevant subset (such as pbm or pgm) and pnmraw will do the raw versions of the same. Right now, only ppmraw is supported properly.

              Yes, 104 MB per A4 page is normal size - use a pipe to avoid disk I/O.

              gs -sOutputDevice=ppmraw of gs cmd line... |  pnm2ppa - -

              Will do the trick. Can you please do a "make distrib" and send the resulting tar.gz file to I'll merge your BeOS changes into the mainline code.


    • Anonymous - 2000-03-29

      I'm new to BeOS and I am not sure how to compile pbm2ppa.  I have a HP 720 printer so this is my only option for printing underneith Be.  I had no problem compiling for Linux, but things are a little different under BeOS.  Thanks for your help.


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