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  • Bob Calhoun

    Bob Calhoun - 2000-12-04

    I am very thankful for your printing script.  It has enabled my printer and your latest version works very well on my HP 820. I am curious about the time it takes, though.  My printer takes about 3 seconds to fire up when using Windows 95, however, it takes at least 10 seconds to start when using Linux (RH 6.0).  Why does it take so much longer using Linux?   Is there something I can adjust?

    By the way, I recently saw an ad for a new HP Desk Jet which claimed that it would print on all versions of Windows and a Mac.  However, the ad made no mention of dos or Linux or any other os.  Is HP up to its old tricks?

    • Anonymous - 2000-12-06

      To print a text file  with pnm2ppa you
      1 convert it to postscript
      2 convert postscript to a pnm format
      3 convert pnm to ppa format
      4 spool to the printer
      The speed of all this processing depends on the speed
      of your computer.

      The pnm2ppa quality options affect the speed of the pnm2ppa part of this.

      My 400Mhz Pentium 3 takes about 3 secs for the printer to make a noise, and the pages starts printing after 10secs.
      Its not a problem for me.

      also windows has some bidirectional
      communication with the printer that pnm2ppa doesnt have
      because HP havent revealed the PPA specs.

      You could probably investigate the issue, but I dont think
      there is anything you can  do , and there probably wont be
      any further development except bug fixes on pnm2ppa.

      As far as I know,  all HP's new printers are PCL3 printers;
      they seem to have given up their "Winprinter"  PPA experiment. They are still selling HP712C, but as a  discounted "closeout item"


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