Networking 820Cse

  • Yuri Oskotsky

    Yuri Oskotsky - 2000-04-12


    The 820Cse is by default non-networkable. If it is attached to a UNIX system, it can be made available on the network.

    My question is: what is the simplest and most foolproof way of achieving this? I have a spare 486 that could be used as a dedicated print server.

    Generally, UNIX machines should not have problems printing to a standard print server, as long as the print server knows how to handle attached printer (pnm2ppa). When it comes to Windoze I see two ways: running Samba on the print server (as has been described in detail in Help forum), or running Windows TCP/IP Printing on Windows NT and some other 3rd party lpr package on 95/98 (I think Windows TCP/IP Printing is not available for 95/98).

    Please correct me if there are other choices. What would you recommend in a mixed environment (Linux, Solaris, NeXT, BeOS, Win98, WinNT, MacOS8 (I run DAVE - Samba client for MacOS and do not currently run Samba on any of UNIX flavors).

    Thanks for your advice.

    Yuri Oskotsky

    • Anonymous - 2000-07-11

      The HP 820Cse literature indicates that it cannot be networked.  However, I downloaded the latest drivers early last year from HP and found that networking worked on my home network.  Both the host and server machines were running Windows 95.  I was very surprised at the time and was prepared to buy another printer.


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