#40 pnm2ppa fails to work for Deskjet 712C


I cannot get my Deskjet 712C to work with my Linux
system. Here is the command I used to test:

ls -l | enscript -M a4 -o - | pstopnm | pnm2ppa -s a4
--verbose -bw -i - -o - | lpr -l

I get the following output:

pstopnm: Writing ppmraw file
[ 1 pages * 1 copy ] left in -
1 lines were wrapped
pnm2ppa: Starting print job
pnm2ppa[10658]: initImage(): Printer cannot print on
paper size 569x788 @600dpi
pnm2ppa: No pages printed!
pstopnm: Ghostscript process died due to a signal 13.

What can I do to correct this? I can't find any switch
anywhere which allows me to force the output
resolution. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


  • Duncan

    Duncan - 2004-01-12
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  • Duncan

    Duncan - 2004-01-12

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    The pstopnm use is probably not valid. I've never seen that

    Papersize 569x788 looks very wrong to me. Presumably this
    is garbage input to pnm2ppa from an incorrect use of pstopnm?

    Your problems are due to some Ghostscript problems,
    not pnm2ppa. Read the pnm2ppa docs for how to do it right
    using gs + pnm2ppa

    But its best to use a linux printing system like CUPS or lprng
    (foomatic knows how to properly call gs and pnm2ppa)
    that way you dont need to know about the pnm2ppa details.
    Good luck!

  • Doug Barbieri

    Doug Barbieri - 2004-01-25

    Logged In: YES

    I actually figured it out! It had nothing to do with pnm2ppa.

    I needed to install the foomatic.rip package. It's a perl
    script which for some reason I couldn't find in Debian at
    all. I turned on LogLevel=debug in the cups server package,
    and found it was halting print jobs because it couldn't find

    Anyway, I found this nice URL on LinuxPrinting.org:


    It mentioned that I should download and install the
    foomatic-filters source package
    in order to get my printer to work with Debian. I downloaded
    the tarball, ran the make-configure and configure scripts,
    compiled it then installed it and voila! I can now print
    from CUPS!

    Anyway, just thought I'd pass that one along. :-)



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