#39 OS X Problem with HP DeskJet 722C

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I have been trying to get the HP Deskjet 722C to work
under OS X (thru a SAMBA connection); my print jobs are
recognized by both computers but disappear before
printing starts. :(

My Setup:

iMac G4 800/17"
connected via Airport (802.11b)
to DLink DI-614+ and then to
a homebuilt PC which the printer is connected to.
(Athlon XP 2000+, Ethernet connection, Windows XP)

GimpPrint 4.2.5 using Samba connection
Driver: HP Deskjet 722C Foomatic + pnm2ppa

Do I need support here or do I need to contact the
GimpPrint or Foomatic projects? Is there any way to use
the drivers thru SAMBA?

Please help


  • Mikey Lubker

    Mikey Lubker - 2003-12-27
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  • Duncan

    Duncan - 2004-01-12

    Logged In: YES

    In fact I have a similar setup, but the windows box is
    win98se or
    RedHat Linux 7.3 (depending on what its booted into).

    Samba works from a OS X powerbook in both cases.
    Yes I also use a DLink DI-614+!

    See the "news" item about Max OSX on the pnm2ppa project page
    at sourceforge. There are some OS X pnm2ppa resources
    listed there.
    I used the MacOSX pnp2ppa package from linuxprinting.org, rather
    than compile pnp2ppa on OSX myself. (Hmm, I havent
    tested if it still works after upgrading to panther, I dont
    use that HP722C much now).

    You should be able to run pnm2ppa on the Mac and print raw to
    the Windows box. Or you could use ghostscript to emulate a
    postscript printer on the HP722C on the Windows box, and
    print to
    it using a postcript printer driver on OS X

    Good luck!

    Unfortunately, there is no gimp-print driver for the HP ppa
    like 722C.

  • Duncan

    Duncan - 2004-01-12
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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