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Version 0.5.0 Released - Important Windows Update

Version 0.5.0 was released today and adds the following changes:

> Added the triangle() function for fast plotting of triangles.
> Fixed a serious bug that affected versions of PNGwriter compiled
on Windows. Specifically, readfromfile() was opening the file
as ASCII ("r") and not binary ("rb"). This would render the PNG
unreadable to libpng.

La version 0.5.0 sali hoy y incorpora los siguientes cambios:... read more

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-10-23

Version 0.4.9 Released

Version 0.4.9 was released today. Added the filledtriangle() and filledtriangle_blend() functions for fast plotting of filled triangles. Thanks to Grkan Sengn who contributed the code.


La versin 0.4.9 sali hoy. Se agreg filledtriangle() y filledtriangle_blend() para plotear tringulos llenados. Gracias a Grkan Sengn por contribuir el cdigo.

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-10-18

Version 0.4.8 (Important Update / Actualizacin Importante)


After 0.4.7's withdrawal, version 0.4.8 is a strongly reccomended update to PNGwriter. On the whole, error checking and handling is a lot more robust.


Luego de la retirada de 0.4.7, la versin 0.4.8 es una actualizacin importante de PNGwriter. En general, la revisin y manejo de situaciones de error es mucho ms robusta.

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-10-12

IMPORTANT NOTICE: v0.4.7 temporarily withdrawn


Version 0.4.7 has been temporarily withdrawn to address some certain issues. In the meantime, please continue using 0.4.6, bearing in mind that there still exists a bug in readfromfile() that causes a crash after a certain number of PNGs have been read.

I apologize for the inconvenience, a new release fixing both issues is expected soon.

Paul Blackburn

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-10-10

Important bugfix: 0.4.7

Updating to v0.4.7 is recommended.

> Fixed a serious bug in readfromfile() which would cause a crash due to
too many open files if it was called a certain number of times (caused
by an out-of-place fopen() ).
> All user supplied text fields (filename and png info) are no longer
limited to 255 characters.
> Better handling of file errors: attempting to open a non-existent file
will no longer cause a crash.

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-10-09

New! Perl Interface for PNGwriter!

The first version of a Perl interface to the PNGwriter C++ library has been released today by Andrs Kievsky. It will be available soon for download. Stay tuned!

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-07-10

New Version: 0.4.2

This new version adds UTF-8 support to the text rendering functions. This makes it possible to render text using characters not restricted to the standard 128 ANSI set (accents, cedillas, Japanese, etc).
Also, PNGwriter instances can now be resized after creation.

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-07-07

New! Nuevo! PNGwriter 0.4.0

Released the 20th of June, 2004, the latest version of PNGwriter now has full text rendering support. You can use any TrueType font file, plot in any colour and rotate the text, which has proper kerning and is antialiased. See the Changelog to see what else is new (Click on Files -> pngwriter-0.4.0).

A partir del 20 de Junio de 2004, PNGwriter ya est disponible. Incorpora un soporte completo de rendering de texto. Puedes usar cualquier fuente TrueType, plotear en cualquier color y rotar el texto, el cual tiene kerning correcto y antialias. Ve el Changelog (ahora tambin en castellano) para ver que ha cambiado. (Click en Files -> pngwriter-0.4.0).

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2004-06-20

PNGwriter version 0.3.7

PNGwriter 0.3.7 is the most polished and useful version yet. First, PNGwriter is now a library! Second, the package layout has been reorganized to conform to a better standard. Significant speed increases in the line() algorithms, assignment operator overloading, better error handling, the ability to rename the file given just a number, and many more improvements.

See below for the whole list of changes.... read more

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2003-10-15

Charla sobre PNGwriter disponible aqu


El da 10 de Abril del 2003 di una charla sobre PNGwriter en el Primer Congreso de Estudiantes de Fsica. Gener inters y por eso decid hacerla disponible aqu:


Paul Blackburn

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2003-04-12

PNGwriter en el 1er Congreso de Estudiantes de Fisica, Chile

Dar una breve charla acerca de PNGwriter en el Primer Congreso de Estudiantes de Fsica en Concepcin, Chile, a realizarse los ds 10 y 11 de Abril del 2003.

Ms informacin acerca del Congreso en

y un afiche en

Posted by Paul Blackburn 2003-04-06

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