in my experience PNGOUT gives the best compression results on PNG-8 files, if you are using Windows you can try TruePNG first as found in ScriptPNG since it tries many different ways to reorder the palette to improv filtering and compression.
On my small set of test files using pngquant 2.1 to reduce PNG-32 files to PNG-8 reduced the overall data size to about 40% of the original size, running ScriptPNG on the files produced by pnquant drove them closer to 36% of the original size (PNGOUT is about 38%): http://frdx.free.fr/png_vs_webp.htm (still a draft)

Frédéric Kayser

Robert R. Raiz wrote :


I have a few results with png8. The images still preserve a good quality, are smaller, but I wonder if I can do even better. 

In the link below I have 2 samples, png32 version (before) and png8 (after). Is it something more I can do to these files in order to get an even better result?

Test Files: http://www.sendspace.com/file/y346v3

Raiz Roland Robert

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