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PocketNester still alive

Although there has been no update for more than 3 years since last public release, PocketNester is not dead yet and I'm trying to come up with a new release in a not far future.

Posted by Rick Lei 2007-01-29

Jetech.org temporarily down...again

"I will be back", in a few days ;)

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-12-07

PocketNester 0.7 released!

PocketNester 0.7 has been released!

0.7 is mainly a bugfix release. It fixed some nasty bugs, introduced a few interface improvments, and supported more games. Try it now!

Visit http://jetech.org for more information :)

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-10-24

PocketNester website temporarily down

There's something wrong with my current hosting server and I'm switching to a new one. The website should be back in a few days.

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-07-16

PocketNester 0.6 released!

PocketNester 0.6 has been released! This release runs faster, supports more games, and has less bugs. It also introduced virtual pad support.

Detailed changes:

* Runs most games 5%~50% faster than 0.5.x(dependent on games)
* Added full screen and virtual pad support. Integreted CxImage lib by ing.davide.pizzolato@libero.it to load TGA format pad image. Notice that when virtual pad is in use(stylus is touching the LCD), the emulating will be unavoidably slowed down.
* Merged external sound support from unofficial onester
* Displays paused game image. Making screen * shots is now much easier :)
* Merged mapper 5(KOEI games), 8, 16(Dragon Ball Z series), 24, 26, 51, 66, 69, 77, 85, 119(PinBot) support from unofficial nester.
* Merged ROM correction data from unofficial nester. F1 Race doesn't has glitches any more.
* Auto detect and run MMC2/MMC4 games(Punchout, Fire Emblem etc) in compatible mode. Keep in mind that such games will run slower than other games, but I think it is still acceptable(20~30 FPS on my 200Mhz XScale) :)
* Auto detect and run Elite in PAL mode(you don't need to enable the PAL Mode).
* Improved compatibility of "lazy updating" PPU core. More games are OK now, including Shadowgate(wrong spr), After Burner(wrong bg), PinBot(wrong bg), Micro Machines(color problem) etc.
* Fixed a cycle accumulating bug in 6502 core. The temporary no sound problem is gone.
* Fixed a bug of fast PC handling in 6502 core. 68-in-1 works now

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-03-25

PocketNester 0.5.4 released!

The ever best version of PocketNester, 0.5.4, has been released! All users are strongly recommended to upgrade to 0.5.4.

What's new and what's changed:

* Greatly improved compatibility, more games run without flaws now;
* Fixed graphics error after loading save state with some games;
* Slightly faster(2~5+ FPS on 200Mhz XScale);
* Added quick save/quick load buttons to the menu bar for easy access;
* Comes with tested MIPS version(thanks to all MIPS testers) and SH3 version(untested, call for testers) ... read more

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-02-11

PocketNester 0.5.2 released

This release features zip support, faster speed and bug fixes.
ARM & MIPS based PocketPC binaries are included.
Source code is also available. Be warned that PocketNester is evolving fast, and many DEBUG/PROFILE/TEST code pieces are still left in the source.

* ZIP support :)
* New PC/banks handling code in CPU emulation brings more speed(maybe 3~8 FPS)
* Fixed a bug in lazy updating code.

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-01-27

PocketNester 0.5 released.

PocketNester 0.5 released! Download now!


This version is considered as ALPHA version. That means it may contains various bugs/problems, and even may not run on your device. I need your valueable feedbacks (and patience) to improve it.

PocketNester is distributed under GNU GPL. I'll release the source code soon, just after some cleanups :)

For more information, visit http://jetech.org

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-01-20

PocketNester site

Take a sneak peek at http://jetech.org !!

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-01-14

PocketNester coming soon :)

First alpha release will be available soon, so stay tuned :)
And, thanks to sf.net for great hosting service!

Posted by Rick Lei 2003-01-10

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