#3 Pmw 1.1/Mac OS X/Aqua (Not X11).


On Mac OS 10.2.1, when running Python 2.2.1 on top of
Tcl/Tk 8.4a4-2 with native Aqua GUI interface, ie., not
with X11, I get:

SetFrontProcess failed,-606
SetFrontProcess failed,-606
SetFrontProcess failed,-606
^CTraceback (most recent call last):
File "All.py", line 310, in ?
line 929, in mainloop

In short, deep within Tk, when an attempt is made to
bring the window to the front and give it focus, a call
to SetFrontProcess is failing. The result is that the
window doesn't get focus and you can't do anything with
it. The message will pop up everytime you try and click
on the window. I assume that SetFrontProcess is an Aqua
interface call.

Frankly, was quite pleased I got this far. Is anyone
else known to have got Pmw working on Mac OS X with
native Aqua?


  • Graham Dumpleton

    Screen dump of Pmw demos program.

  • Graham Dumpleton

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    Okay, worked out one way of getting around this. What is
    needed is to package up everything into a Mac application
    bundle. Take Python.app as a starting point, creating a copy
    called "PmwDemos.app". Then copy Pmw into a subdirectory of
    the "Contents/Resources" directory. Then create a symlink
    from "demos/All.py" of the version of Pmw being used, to
    "__main__.py" in the "Contents/Resources" directory. Then
    use "open -a PmwDemos".

    I presume there must be a way of avoiding the need to bundle
    it, but perhaps not. Will have to try comp.lang.python for
    an answer.

    Attached below is a screen image of Pmw on MAC OS X with
    native Aqua as proof it does work. :-)

  • Greg McFarlane

    Greg McFarlane - 2002-11-08
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  • Greg McFarlane

    Greg McFarlane - 2002-11-08
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  • Greg McFarlane

    Greg McFarlane - 2002-11-08

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    It looks very cool. But notice that only the first line of
    multi-line buttons is displayed, so in your screenshot image
    there are two 'Create' and two 'Delete' buttons, whereas
    there should be 'Create menu', 'Delete menu', 'Create item'
    and 'Delete item' buttons.


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