Your snippet helped me get to the solution. Still don't know why this works though, as you will see.

So I took your .configure statement and tried several variations in the wording (one can guess at this pretty well after a while, as the documentation on such things is sparse) of the command in the argument list until I got it right. The combobox widget code now looks like this:

        self.comboServerMySQL = Pmw.ComboBox(
            entry_width=20,  # this line not needed
            scrolledlist_hull_width=8,  # without this statement, drop-down menu is a vertical bar;
                                                  # also, if value < 8, no width to drop down menu, even if
                                                  # the entry_width is made smaller.

So without "scrolledlist_hull_width", the drop-down menu just turns into a useless vertical line when displayed from a Linux box to a Windows box using an X server. Not good.

Also note, for some weird reason, if scrolledlist_hull_width = 7 or less, the drop down menu reverts back to a vertical line, even though "entry_width" is made as small as 8. IOW, "entry_width" does not seem to affect the fact that "scrolledlist_hull_width" must be 8 or larger.

Why must the value of "scrolledlist_hull_width" be 8 or more???? I have no idea!!

But at least it's working. Proof that the planets do align occasionally. Users of my code will be happy, I reckon! :)

I would think the mailing list might like to know all this stuff.

Thanks for the help!

Daniel B.

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 12:48 PM, Michael Lange <klappnase@web.de> wrote:

Thus spoketh Friedrich Romstedt <friedrichromstedt@gmail.com>
unto us on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 20:09:34 +0100:

> 2011/2/10 Daniel Barnette <dwbarne@gmail.com>:
> > However, when I run the app on a Linux box and try to display it back
> > to my Windows box using an X server (like freeXer or XMing), the
> > combobox widget's drop-down menu is squashed all to the left, leaving
> > just a small vertical bar which otherwise should be a wide drop-down
> > menu. Can't scroll it or select anything in it -- it's not wide
> > enough to see anything in it.

Maybe explicitely defining the list's width as in this example might help
(though I cannot test it here):

import Pmw
cb = Pmw.ComboBox()



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