I have written an application where I want a Pmw.MessageDialog to pop up on my screen (running Windows 2000) and be the top level object.

I originally used a tkMessageBox which worked fine but I wanted to customise the event so I used a Pmw MessageDialog instead. Now, for some reason the dialog will not become visible i.e. it is shown but is often under some other application window and therefore I don't see it raised.

The code to raise it looks like this:


I do a self.dialog.withdraw() immediately after I have created the dialog.

I have searched the list, I have tried some different things but am at a loss as to why this doesn't become the topmost item on my screen when it activates - I didn't have a problem with the tkMessageBox. I (briefly) tried to see whether there was any clues in the tk library stuff about dialogs, tkSimpleDialog etc but couldn't see anything obvious.

Help would be much appreciated :-)


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