HI everyone...

I am working on python pmw on Mac and i am in my final stage of project,
 and when i came to make an executable i am getting an error which was heart breaking,
because on  i was unable to run my application which was made using py2app.
Procedure I used to convert .py to .app is as below :

curl -O http://peak.telecommunity.com/dist/ez_setup.py

sudo python ez_setup.py -U setuptools

python setup.py install

python setup.py develop

py2applet --make-setup invpmw.py

rm -rf build dist

python setup.py py2app 

By the above steps i got a .app file in dist and when i click on the .app file i get result as below...

Please someone help how to rectify my problem or suggest how to make a .app from .py using pmw.....

And one more thing is that when i use -A in "python setup.py py2app" i am getting result which is 
offcourse its standalone appilication.

Is there any method to convert standalone application to work on other system........

Thanks in advance.

with regards
S Sudhakar.