Installation problem

  • Wojciech karas

    Wojciech karas - 2002-11-13

    I have Python, BLT and Pmw installed on my computer. Everything goes well, i.e. I can use BLT in TCL programs, I can use Pmw in Python programs. But  Pmw does not 'see' BLT Library. While trying to run from Pmw/demos I get message, that BLT library is not installed on my system.
    What is it?

    • counur john

      counur john - 2004-01-26

      Check your shell variables. May some BLT/python/TCL variables are not rightly set.
      forme :

      export nomariableBLT = '/home/BLT'

      shtg like that. maybe

    • jonathon

      jonathon - 2004-05-11

      I am having the same problem: Pmw does not find BLT.

      Is the problem really shell variables or something else?

    • Victor Norman

      Victor Norman - 2005-02-24

      I'm having this problem too.

      Did anyone figure out what is going on?



    • Stewart Midwinter

      goldfisch didn't say whether he was running Pmw and BLT under Windows or Linux.  But his problem is common under Windows, from what I've read elsewhere. BLT seems to be very fussy about location, and indeed I have never gotten it to run under Windows, only under Linux.

      It would sure be good to hear from someone who has it working under Windows!



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